Friday Favorites #78

Friday, January 20, 2017

This week's Friday Favorites post was almost all mustard until I forced myself to pick other things but, I will say, I'm obsessed with mustard right now. I've been spending 8 - 12 hours a day studying for the bar so... now-a-days, I'm hardly ever in more than a t-shirt (if I bother to put "real" clothes on at all) so, I'm living vicariously through dresses online and everyone elses amazing outfits! haha. I'm head over heels about this cute little 3/4 Sleeve Lemon Dress  and this 3/4 Sleeve Gingham Dress because I've started really appreciating the ease of covering my tattoos when I want to without a sweater and dresses like this will usually transition well year round!  Also, how cute is this print + little bow on this Waffle Cone Swing Dress?!

all photos via HK Lane Real Estate
THESE PHOTOS! This house that Walt Disney and Lillian lived in during their later years.  Walt had the house built in 1962, around the time when Walt Disney Presents switched from black-and-white to color, and the name changed to Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. It's absolutely beautiful and it makes me want to move to Palm Springs ASAP.

Feathered Camel  |  Kiwi Green  |  Red  |  Candy Pink  - via HatsbyJoannaViolet
I could not be more obsessed with the Etsy shop Hats by Joanna Violet right now.  She is such an incredibly talented lady and the prices are incredibly reasonable. I'm going to order one as soon as I find the perfect dress to wear with one of them!

This is how "well" Lady Thackery Binx has been handling having me home more and yet... my lap being occupied all the time.  Needless to say, she's not a fan.

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Darling + May

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Katie: Grey Fleck Jess Top + Darling Skirt in Black c/o Lady K Loves
All Tapped Out Burgundy Mary Jane Heels c/o ModCloth | Spider Brooch - Similar

AmandaSplendid Top in Burgundy + May Trousers in Coffee c/o Lady K Loves
Charcoal Dagger Brooch + Bracelets - Splendette  |  Spring-o-Lator Mules - vintage (similar)

We are no strangers to Lady K Loves and all of the wonderful clothing they produce.  Generally, when talking about Lady K Loves in the vintage reproduction community you will very often see their jeans mentioned.They are one of the only brands who makes denim that truly accommodates hourglass figures, which means they are Katie's holy grail of jeans. For this post, we wanted to show off some of the other wonderful items that they have!  Katie opted for the Darling Skirt in Black, because it's a good basic skirt, but lightweight unlike her other black skirts.  She's also obsessed with the Jess Top and is buying the mustard one ASAP.  She liked how much stretch the top provided so she didn't have to size up for her bust, like usual.

Lady K Loves has been SO ACCOMMODATING about letting me try several styles by trial and error to report back the most petite friendly style and it turns out, it's these really cute May Trousers.  The rise is shorter than most of her other styes so, they hit in the perfect place on my short torso!  As for other fit info, I cuffed the bottoms out of preference (they hit right at my ankles) and though I went with the smallest size, they were a bit loose, so I wash and dried them on "hot" before wearing them. I love the little triangle pockets and I love how the Splendid Top pairs with them in a way that it looks like I'm wearing a belt, without having to wear one because - lazy.

Doctor + Potter

Friday, January 13, 2017

Amanda: Brown Tweed Circle Skirt with Suspenders c/o 1138 Clothing  |  Bowtie - Emmy Design
Cerise Work Blouse - Freddies of Pinewood  |  TARDIS Brooch - gift from Sammi

Katie:  Blue and Grey House Skirt c/o 1138Clothing | Caring is Paring Knit Top - ModCloth
Quibbler Pin - Universal Studios | Bangles - Luxulite | Mary Jane Heels - ModCloth (Similar)

This post contains two of our absolute favorite things: Harry Potter and Doctor Who.  It's been an eternity since we shared pieces from Linda, over at 1138 Clothing but, it's LONG overdue.  As huge Whovians and Ravenclaw house sisters, we were excited to style outfits inspired by things we both love so infinitely and we decided this will be the first of many future geek chic posts.  1138 Clothing has all things you need for your Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Pokemon and Star Wars needs.  She seriously has the best collection of fun novelty fabrics, but clearly also offers more subtle nerd skirts. We both opted to be generous with our measurements for the bespoken skirts, because of the wider waistband  it's more likely to hit higher up on your lower rib cage.  If you have a big difference between waist measurement and rib cage, we suggest the same for you. :)

While vintage fashion has been a huge part of our friendship, nerd culture is literally what bonded us and made us friends! Since we are 6 + hours apart from each other and Amanda is endlessly studying for the bar we thought this post came at the exact perfect time. We have both definitely been going through best friend withdrawals, and although we are sad we couldn't physically be together, looking at these pictures made both of us so extremely happy!

The Bees Knees

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

D'Orsay Flats - Similar | Cult Glasses in Tortoise - Bonlook

I've been sick with a stomach bug all this week, boo! I always seem to get sick this time of year, which can be so draining after the holidays and catching up on all of the work I missed from being out.  I'm trying to stay positive and the upside of that is that I have caught up on much needed sleep, cuddled my cats and probably spent more time watching Netflix than I would like to admit....but that's what sick days are for right?  Not to mention, I've had time to take extra good care of my hair and skin, which is always a nice treat especially in this winter weather.  My favorite hair products right now are verb ghost oil for shine and to help add nutrients.  As for my skincare, I am obsessed with Burt's Bee's acne lotion.  I posted about this on Instagram since a lot of you shared your skin troubles with me, and I cannot believe how much it has turned my skin around.  Let me know if you all would be interested in learning more about our favorite beauty products! 

Since I've been wallowing in bed in pajamas for days now, the Floral Print Pleated Skirt seemed like the perfect bright skirt to get me out of this funk!  Since the skirt was so busy, I wanted to keep my top simple and wear my favorite cardigan and the cutest bee brooch ever!  I'm forever looking for bee accessories that don't look like they were made for a toddler so this gold plated bee brooch makes me so happy.  For those of you who have asked about cheaper 'pin-up' style items, this skirt could definitely be a staple piece for you! It's definitely not the same quality as higher-end brands, but it is cute and extra-comfy with stretch panels.

Friday Favorites #77

Friday, January 6, 2017

This week's Friday Favorites post started out looking quite wintery and sort of evolved into a little bit of a mid-Winter color-bomb! haha.  The weather here has been fluctuating a ton (60 degrees early this week, snowing as I type this) so, I've been wearing a lot of my summer dresses with sweaters over them and that sort of leaked into my picks this week too, I especially love this Vichy Dress in Cherry Red + White Print.  I also really loved this Boldy Go Wear You've Never Been Dress because the art on the top of the dress looks very Mary Blair-esque and this Retro Glam Barbie Skirt.  So many cute, bright things!

photos via this ebay listing
THIS EBAY LISTING for a pretty pink 1963 Field and Stream Camper... oh my God, I've never wanted to spend a crazy amount on eBay more.

Cinderella Carriage  |  Pretty Pink Castle  |  Carousel Enchantment  |  Carousel Cutie
I fell head over heels at first sight of Femme de Bloom's new Femme and Fairy Tale Collection, seriously how cute is that little Cinderella Carriage Pin?

I posted this on my Instagram yesterday but, I'm excited I finally bought plate hangers for these cute little retro-style Disney plates Collin and I picked up on our honeymoons.  They've been in a pile our china cabinet for an eternity.

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Ains & Elke

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Katie:  Fishy Sweater c/o Ains & Elke Style Haus | Pink Little Jun Skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing
Tortoise Cult Glasses - Bonlook | Red Wedges - Old (Similar)

Amanda: Heart & Dagger Sweater c/o Ains & Elke Style Hause |  Mia Pumps c/o Wanted Shoes
Black Jenny Skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Bangles - Splendette

We hate winter.  Like, we hate it.  It's probably partially because it gets dark so early or even the cold (of course) but, we both also always feel like the weather limits our wardrobe creativity and that makes everything even more dreary.  That being said, we're always on the lookout for good vintage and reproduction pieces that will help mix things up and brighten our cold weather attire.  I'm regularly on the hunt for vintage 1940's sweaters and one day, while lurking Etsy, I came across Ains & Elke Style Haus and her amazing reproduction knitwear creations.  The pieces we're wearing are based off this infamous Heart & Dagger sweater featured in a 40's issue of Life Magazine and these 1950s cute little decorate Chalkware fish.

We particularly loved how comfortable these sweaters are since so many vintage ones are insanely itchy.  Since we both have delicate skin (and Amanda a wool allergy) it was nice to not have to worry about insane reactions.  We did have our sweaters custom made to our measurements, which is an amazing option for those of us who do not fit in to a normal size range.  Since we love our sweaters extttra tight this was super important to us.