Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Amanda:  Black Julia Dress c/o Pinup LulaRoe (The Storm Sisters)
Be Still My Bleeding Heart Brooch - Merriweather  |  Black Beret - Amazon  |  Cerelia Pump - Zulily

Katie:  Black Julia Dress + Floral Kimono c/o Pinup LulaRoe (The Storm Sisters)
Heartbreaker Flats - Amazon | Amaze Glasses in Champagne - Bonlook

Did y'all ever watch America's Next Top Model?  I remember watching it in high school and what appealed to me most was the concept of "model basics".  For those that didn't watch ANTM, basically that's just the idea that you should have a handful of basic items in your wardrobe that you can mix 'n' match and/or wear for a simple, chic look.  We love having a mix of things in our wardrobes but we love this concept for our work wardrobes because as most of y'all know, we both work in the legal field and have a lot of restrictions in regards to what we can wear to work, conferences and court.

Katie and I are wearing the same dress but we styled it two totally different ways -- we loved the versatility, it's made of a comfy stretch cotton.  I think these might be our favorite "basic" pieces to date and we had a really fun experience choosing them.  They're from The Storm Sisters Lula Roe which is a shop presented via a Facebook group (basically, it works a lot like all our favorite Swap and Sell Groups on Facebook).  We both have a handful of items we can't wait to share with y'all (like this dress and this skirt) but I think my favorite thing is that if you fall in love with a style its offered in lots of colors/fabrics/designs and they make for great layering pieces. 

// Find additional info about The Storm Sisters' LulaRoe styling on Instagram @LulaRoe_Pinup and #PinupLulaRoe

Friday Favorites #68

Friday, August 19, 2016

I couldn't be more ready for this weekend!  I think it's finally cool enough outside (some days) to get back into my weekend morning routine of coffee and books on my porch but I've been really into podcasts lately (mostly true crime, as per usual) so we'll see how that goes!

This week's Friday Favorites selections are some of my favorite novelty printed items on Etsy that I've found through my searches down the rabbit hole like this amazing Lobster Wrap Top and this Mary Poppins inspired Spoonful of Sugar Border Print Skirt!  I love so many of the new things companies +shops have been releasing lately, I need to do another wardrobe cull of things I don't wear in preparation for cooler days and more space... maybe that'll be another weekend task... now I just need someone to come help me decide what I don't need.

via Hirondella
I absolutely love this whimsical watercolor print of Cinderella's Castle by Hirondella.  We're still working out what art we want around our house and this is definitely in the running.

Black + White Dress  |  Gingham Swing Dress  |  Polka Dot Collar Dress
Not that I need any help fueling my vintage addiction, but lately I find myself lurking the Glamourland Vintage etsy shop almost daily.  It's so well curated and she models the majority of her pieces en pointe, so everything is beautifully presented.  Even if you're just "window shopping" it's worth a look and the presentation sells me on things I'd never look at otherwise.

via Danielle V. Green Illustrations
Gacy  |  Jason  |  Freddie  |  Leatherface  |  Pinhead
So all of Danielle's stuff is absolutely amazing (so much good cat art... how can you go wrong?!) but I fell head over heels for her Killer Kitties brooches... and I might need all of them.

// Past Friday Favorites posts can be found here.


Icecream + Toile

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Strawberry Milk Shake Brooch c/o Deer Arrow |  Yellow Ida Heels - BAIT Footwear

Enchanted Carriage Brooch c/o Deer Arrow  |  Betty Heels in Yellow c/o Miss L Fire

We honestly cannot believe we are already half way through August!  We aren't complaining though, because Fall is our favorite time of year.  However, before cooler weather gets here we are gonna wear as many warm-weather outfits as possible so. we're bringing y'all our monthly Doll Me Up post.

We definitely feel like our styles have shifted to in a more subtle direction recently, but we do still love being able to create themes in our outfits every once in a while.  Amanda is channeling Cinderella goes to a tea party, pairing a classic blue (or blue printed in this case) dress with her carriage brooch is instant fairy tales vibes.  I opted for a less subtle theme about my one true love -- ice cream.  Also, not pictured:  the ice cream cone that melted all over me before I was able to include it in any pictures.

Ray Guns + Rebel, Rebel

Monday, August 15, 2016

Amanda: Roxy's Ray Gun Brooch c/o Erstwilder  |  Hansel Heels - BAIT Footwear
Maria Dress in Purple Floral + Canvas Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing

Katie:  Coral Tennis Dress - Vintage | Rebel, Rebel Brooch c/o Erstwilder
Amaze Glasses in Champagne - Bonlook | Blue Platform Sandals - Modcloth

We hope y'all have been having a good weekend!  We spent it relaxing around town (and in my case, still not reading Cursed Child, I need to suck it up and face my feelings).  Last week, Erstwilder dropped a new collection of space-themed goodies and we were so excited to blog them.  We paired them with a couple of pieces that haven't made it to the blog yet and they matched perfectly.

We thought pairing the Galactic Roxy's Ray Gun Brooch with the Rebel, Rebel Brooch was a fun connection, since David Bowie will forever be Starman.  Also, Katie still may not be over his passing so Rebel, Rebel is the perfect way to pay homage to such a phenomenal individual. 

Vintage Curls Tutorial

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hey Y'all!  So ever since I had my hair all chopped off people keep asking me how I've been styling it and how I achieve my curls.  Luckily for me since I'm the WORST at hair, I just use a modified version of my previous foam roller tutorial.  Since a lot of you had questions about how I brush my curls out I decided I'd make a video of it.

Before you watch this video, which I've sped up about 200% so you don't have to sit through 6 minutes of me brushing my hair, I definitely recommend you reading my first post here. Also, here are the products that are used in the video.

Final Step:
Have a dance party in your room.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

1) Ray-Ban Cateye Glasses |  2) Bonlook Amaze in Champagne
3) Skunkboy Cateyes in Larissa Lake  |  4)  Derek Cardigan Vincent in Green
1) Kate Spade Lyssa Glasses  |  2) Bonlook Jack & Norma in Champagne  |  3) Bonlook Keiko in Lily White
4) Vintage Aluminum Cateyes (similar)  |  5) Bonlook Keiko in Tessa Tort  |  6)  Vintage Filigree Aluminum (similar)

We're FINALLY getting around to writing a post about our glasses collections because it seems like we've seen an increase in questions about our glasses on Instagram lately.  We've both been wearing glasses since elementary school but, it wasn't until that last few years that we started getting into the idea of having more than one pair of glasses and changing them out every day.

So, where are all our glasses from? I think that's the question we're asked most frequently.  A lot of our favorite pairs are vintage, and you can snag a pair of amazing vintage cateyes on Etsy, your optician will probably retrofit them (that's what it's called when you fill your modern prescription in vintage frames) for you but also, Walmart will put your prescription in a pair of vintage frames if you sign a waiver.

Our "every day" eyewear most days are from Bonlook.  Katie's go-to right now is the Amaze in Champagne and mine is the Keiko style (I own them in 3 colors, I'm obsessed).  A pair from Bonlook will run you between $100 and $120 but them fill your prescription for you and they have an awesome 50% off sale right now so you can snag a pair with your prescription in them for about $50.  We also love Coastal which runs about the same amount with a slightly broader selection.